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As an independent business consultancy firm, monefy is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs make educated decisions about their money and business by offering tailored solutions designed to increase productivity and improve performance while providing the highest level of service to every client.

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Each member of our team is amazing and together we are what makes monefy a fun and rewarding place to work. We bring together talented people – students, young professionals or well-seasoned experts – working as one to empower and inspire entrepreneurs.
If you are looking for a career rather than a job, let’s meet!

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We are glad to see you take the steps toward the world of monefy. Find your opportunity and apply. You’re just one click away from becoming the next monefyer!

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Fostering the development of businesses


We’ll gather information to understand your unique needs and wants. You tell us where you’d like to be and we’ll get you there.

Tip the scales in your favor

With our knowledge and expertise we will develop an actionable plan together with you.

Our clients

Value creation is our shield against failure

We have been supporting business success for years. In the monefy book that means building relationships that can be counted on for value creation, expert thinking and fast response.

On a foundation of mutual trust and respect, we provide goal-oriented solutions designed specifically for all types of business. Because we know that in business, the win-win is the best possible score.

“The fact that monefy has become not just our partner, but our strategic partner is the natural development of our successful business collaboration spanning more than 5 years. Thank you all for your efforts! Keep it up and above!”

“To the core, if one thing is clear from associating with monefy, it’s that everyone gains. The only losers are our business’ competitors.”

“I love working with you guys! It’s fun and fast and with great results! While I particularly appreciate the extra mile you go, simply cannot overlook the pile of money you helped me save. Kudos, monefy!”

“The bottom line for us is structure. monefy operates in a very structured manner while also making our business more structured. After one year of working together, we have transformed the admin side of our business. It’s so easy to keep on top of our production! I love that monefy is geared towards growth and I would urge business owners to give it a try!”

“monefy understands the challenges of entrepreneurship, but that’s not what stands them apart. They are so focused on results and know how to keep customers happy. That is why we chose them and we continue to choose them every day.”