We are looking for our Quality Control Inspector to work along with management in order to ensure that the day-to-day operations are being done according to the company’s standards and expectations.

This is a position that requires both an ability to organize yourself as well as a keen eye to details, and an efficient communication with management.

What we need you to demonstrate:

At least 2 years of experience in a QC/troubleshooting position;

● Technical inclinations:
○ Ability to learn and adapt to new software such as CRMs and ERP platforms (training will be provided)
○ Passionate of using technology to make your work easier
○ Passionate about investing time into automating rather than doing manual labor
○ Previous experience with tools such as G Suite, Word, Excel

● Inquisitive mind;

● Ability to learn and do research on your own (company provides all necessary information and tools for it);

● Initiative to come up with suggestions, inform people about the issues noticed, give feedback on ideas;

● Very good communication skills: honest and timely communication is encouraged within the company;

● Courage to ask questions;

● A “trial by error” type of mentality is strongly encouraged;

● Self-sufficiency and troubleshooting mentality;

● Ability to act based on logic when the situation requires it;

● Passion for challenging and questioning rules;

● Knowledge hungry / money hungry.


The purpose of your job:


● Analyzing the current workflows and protocols and finding bugs/issues within them, as well as identify if there is a lack of protocol in certain areas;

● Providing reports and clear data backing up the issues identified (reports will be done along with the data specialist of our company);

● Coming up with suggestions and improvements on the workflow;

● Keeping an updated database of protocols, systems and accounts and helping team leaders in implementing them;

● Testing and implementing different strategies that can help improve the quality of our services;

● Different troubleshooting activities.

We hope you are:

Highly passionate about what you do and excited about the thought of working with an international team.


Your core value:

Having the mindset of seeing solutions and opportunities where others just see problems


What we are offering:


● Working in a young & dynamic environment with international clients.

● Being part of a new and growing company.

● Working on a real project from Day 1 and not work on boring and useless internal projects.

● The opportunity of having a word to say in what we do; we don’t want you to just follow our orders, we want you to tell us how things should be done.

● Team building activities.

● Competitive salary and performance bonuses.

● Remote or hybrid work.

● Paid transport between office and home.

  Location:

How you should be involved:

Working hours
Monday – Thursday 16:00 – 01:00
Friday 16:00 – 22:00