The Name. The Team. The Feeling

Feb 10, 2021 | News

The Name. The Team. The Feeling

Grant Cardone once said: “If you don’t get serious about your money, you will never have serious money!”. 

We took that to heart and we decided to change our perception of money. Along with the need to grow, building a strong organisation for ourselves was our first initiative.

Then, we started investing in our financial education, and we searched for viable solutions to our financial needs. We encouraged and challenged each other to develop skills by combining active learning with honest communication – an environment in which everyone is interested in gaining more knowledge.

By doing so we not only created an international team, but also a variety of effective strategies and complex processes of development that could later on be applied in many other fields. We wanted to take our success even further and by doing so, we shared our knowledge and helped other companies achieve the same results as we did. That’s when the challenge began.

First, we needed to build a powerful brand – a daring task even for the most creative minds. You want to condense a world of ideas and desires into just a few words that can properly represent you and we are no strangers to this process either.

After many sessions of brainstorming and a variety of names that crossed our mind, none of them felt like “the one”. So, we took a step back and looked at the motif of our whole endeavour: money.

From here on, the name monefy came naturally, so did the entire theme of our brand. We wanted to express prosperity, growth, and success, so we chose green to represent us visually.

As projects came along, our team faced challenges that allowed us to keep growing, while helping others succeed, but allow us to reveal more in our future articles.

Do you want to join our journey? Stay along for the ride and you’ll find out more!

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