Monefy Internship

We’re looking for people interested in learning all about the business consultancy market, as well as develop skills and experience in fields such as marketing, HR, business administrative, automations, sales or quality control. If you have a high sense of curiosity and are willing to learn all you can about the business world, we’re here to offer you the tools you need.


What we need you to demonstrate:


Technically Inclined – MS Office package skills, G-Suite package skills, basic computer troubleshooting.
The desire for continuous education (company paid).
Openness to change.
Motivation to learn and grow with us.
Determination to not give up easily and persevere in the face of adversity.
Balance – know when to push and when to stop and ask for help.
Great communication skills and a good understanding of the importance of honest feedback
Good knowledge of the English language – Know how to speak and write in a grammatically correct fashion.
Analytical skills.


The purpose of your job:


Joining our fast-growing team and helping us reach new heights.
Helping the team reach their goals and finalize projects.
Learn the ins and outs of the various departments within the company and assist when needed.
Provide feedback and help management improve the work system
Learn as much as you can and develop yourself as a professional


We hope you are:


Highly passionate about the business field, problem-solving, and excited about the thought of getting involved in the projects of our company and learning the industry’s secrets.
Passionate about puzzles and problem-solving.
Able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.
Able to self-educate.
Able to work independently.


Your core value:


Having the mindset of seeing solutions and opportunities where others just see problems.


What we are offering:


Internship certification
3 months paid internship with the possibility of being a full time employee afterwards
Flexible schedule.
Hybrid work system.
Working in a young & dynamic environment with international clients.
Being part of a new and growing company.
The opportunity of working in an engaging environment that is open to feedback and change.
Team building activities.






How you should be involved:




Working hours:


Monday – Friday 16:00 – 20:00
Working hours can be adjusted depending on your school schedule.

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Monefy Internship

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