HR Rep / Office Assistant

We’re looking for our HR Rep / Office Assistant to be responsible for handling and organizing the candidates applying for various jobs within the company, as well as manage the day to day needs of the office. You will work mostly from the office, but we do allow a hybrid type of work as well. Your activity will be dynamic and you will have the chance to interact with the business field and learn first hand how to properly manage and organize an enterprise.

What we need you to demonstrate:

Motivation to learn and grow with us

Determination to not give up easily and persevere in the face of adversity

Great communication skills

Good knowledge of the English language – able to hold a conversation in a professional environment without difficulties

Bonus: experience in a similar position

The purpose of your job:

● Filtering the candidates applying for various positions within the company

● Doing the initial telephone screening and decide who should move forward for an interview

● Organizing and conducting interviews with the candidates, taking in consideration the needs of the position (training will be provided)

● Organizing the final interview between the candidates and company management

● Managing the paperwork and the communication for the candidates that will be employed

● Ensuring that the employees have the proper equipment needed

● Handling the day-to-day administrative tasks for the office

● Managing the communication between the company and our accountant

We hope you are:

Highly passionate about what you do and excited about the thought of joining a successful customer service team


Your core value:

Having the mindset of seeing solutions and opportunities where others just see problems



What we are offering:


● Working in a young & dynamic environment with international clients.

● Being part of a new and growing company.

● The opportunity of having a word to say in what we do; we don’t want you to just follow our orders, we want you to tell us how things should be done

● Team building activities

● Competitive salary and performance bonuses

● Remote or hybrid work

● Paid transport between office and home


  Location:

How you should be involved:

Working hours
Monday – Thursday 16:00 – 01:00
Friday 16:00 – 22:00