Everything You Need To Know About BPMN: The Business Process Model and Notation

Mar 10, 2022 | News

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a graphical notation for describing business processes in a visual way. It allows for the efficient understanding of business processes and the communication between business process owners and IT professionals. A BPMN diagram consists of four elements: activities, flows, gateways, and swim lanes. Activities represent work that needs to be done, while flows show the order of execution of activities. Gateways determine how a process should flow, while swim lanes help to visualize parallel and serial process.

The BPMN is important because it is the international standard for business process modeling. It enables stakeholders from all over the world to collaboratively develop process models that can be understood by everyone involved. Additionally, it provides a common language for discussing and evaluating business processes, leading to more efficient and effective communication. Finally, BPMN-based models provide a great foundation for automating processes through the use of process engines.

There are six simple steps to creating a BPMN:

  1. Identify the business process you want to model.
  2. Draw the business process diagram in a software program, such as Microsoft Visio.
  3. Add swim lanes, which indicate the different roles or participants in the process.
  4. Add shapes to represent the different tasks or activities in the process.
  5. Connect the shapes with arrows to indicate the flow of the process.
  6. Add text to explain the process steps and any specific details.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your productivity, then a BPMN diagram is a great option to consider.

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