The elements that make monefy whole

Feb 17, 2021 | News

In our previous article, we detailed the complexity of defining our brand. Before taking on projects and facing challenges, we needed to ensure our organization was being built on a solid foundation.

After defining ourselves as a collective we needed to look at each of us as individuals. The departments that make up our company today emerged from the passions of our team members. We consider ourselves lucky from this point of view, as we managed to pull together a collective of talented individuals to take on the role and responsibility of embodying a department.

Since recruiting is a complex process, our Human Resources department created an intricate series of questions based on scientific research to correctly determine where each candidate would fit in best. We believe a company’s most valuable asset is its employees. 

In today’s world, it can be costly if a business doesn’t make it easy for people to find them online. As we’ve recently seen, most of our communication and business takes place online. Our marketing department helps us navigate the digital world and facilitates making valuable connections with the people around us.

 A staple department that we’re sure every company heavily relies on is sales. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to sustain ourselves and grow our business to a level where we can make a difference and empower our customers.

Self awareness goes a long way and we believe that it’s important to accept that we’re humans and mistakes will inevitably be made. Luckily our Quality Control department is here to catch those mistakes and help us learn from them. For our personal development, it’s crucial to ensure not repeating them and view obstacles as challenges to overcome. 

As the world around us and technology is ever growing we strive to keep up with it. We aim to innovate and through new technologies, bring prosperity to those around us. Our IT department has the mission of upgrading our infrastructure and discovering the latest and greatest to make our lives easier and more productive.

Your trust in us is a sacred notion that we take seriously. Since the value of it cannot be measured in numbers or words, we mean to apply a great deal of security to it. Our Data Management department oversees any and all data monefy works with. They analyze it to give us a good understanding of the courses of action we can take.

Lastly, the Operations Department is the glue that keeps it all together. It provides oversight and facilitates communication between departments to make sure that everyone can systematically perform their tasks and operate at the highest level.

We’re excited to reach the next milestone of the monefy journey. Expect to hear more details about the day-to-day operations and tips & tricks from each department.

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